Creating logic nodes

Currently, Armory sources have to be edited to add new logic nodes. This will be resolved in the future.

We will create a logic node with single boolean output. This node will return true if input is down - for example mouse/gamepad button is pressed or display is being touched.

If you decide to follow this process make sure to use different class name, to prevent name conflicts.

  • Locate Armory sources at Armory/armory_sdk/armory
  • Open blender/
  • Create a node class with single bool output
class InputDownNode(Node, ArmLogicTreeNode):
    '''Input down node'''
    bl_idname = 'InputDownNodeType'
    bl_label = 'Input Down'

    def init(self, context):'NodeSocketBool', "Bool")
  • At the bottom, we will add the class to input category. This way node will get registered and displayed in Blender.
LogicNodeCategory("LOGICINPUTNODES", "Input", items=[
  • We will implement node logic in Haxe. Create new file named InputDownNode.hx at Sources/armory/logicnode.
package armory.logicnode;

import armory.system.Input;
import armory.trait.internal.NodeExecutor;

class InputDownNode extends BoolNode {

    // Custom node values
    var lastVal = false;

    public function new() {

    public override function start(executor:NodeExecutor, parent:Node = null) {
        super.start(executor, parent);

        // Register update handler

    function update() {
        // Input state changed
        if (lastVal != Input.down) {
            lastVal = val;
            val = Input.down;
            // Notify that value of this node changed

    public static function create(value:Float) {
        var n = new InputDownNode();
        return n;
  • At the time of writing, restarting Blender is required to register Python changes.

  • Attach node tree below to any object in the scene. When you run the project in Armory, this object will be visible only when mouse button is down.


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