Multi-User Workflow

This page discusses tools to help multiple people work on the same project.

Linked Proxy

Project can be split into several individual .blend files. These .blend files are then combined into the main file using Blenders linking functionality. See bundled example.

Proxy Tools

Once the objects are linked in the main file, locate helper tools in Properties - Object - Armory Proxy. In this panel you can turn full hierarchy of linked objects into proxies using the Make Proxy operator. You can also manage which properties to keep in sync with the original linked object. Checked properties are automatically synced at .blend load. You can also trigger the sync manually by pressing ctrl + shift + o -> enter.

Editing linked data

Blender comes with a handy add-on which lets you jump straight into the source .blend of the selected linked object. Enable Edit Linked Library add-on to unlock this functionality. A video explaining how to use the add-on can be found here.

Project Root

If you keep .blend files in sub-folders it's necessary to set the project root folder. Set Properties - Render - Armory Project - Root to the location of main .blend file. With project root correctly setup .blend files in sub-folders will be able to find the haxe traits, and it's also possible to Play the .blend files on their own.

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