Armory bundle comes with everything you need. Blender 2.79 is used with Armory player built in. Blender 2.8 builds are also available, currently in experimental state. If you do not require the built-in player, Armory can be used as add-on only. Armory sources are available at GitHub.

  • Unpack to your preferred location. On Windows, prefer a short path like 'C:\Dev' or unpack with 7-zip to prevent long path errors.
  • Run Blender located in unpacked SDK. On Windows, you may need to enable it for the first time by clicking More info - Run anyway.

  • To verify everything is working correctly, save your .blend file, switch to Cycles Render or Eevee engine (using a drop down located in the info header) and hit Play in Viewport button, located in the 3D view header.

  • And the result:

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