Tutorial 2 - Physics

This page describes how to build a scene with physics and basic first person camera.

Boot up Blender located in Armory SDK and save the blend file.

Delete default cube and connect Sky Texture to Background in world nodes.

We will prepare a checker-textured ground that we will walk on.

Add a new plane object and scale it by a factor of 12. Enter edit mode and unwrap the plane. While still in edit mode, enter UV/Image Editor and scale the UV map by a factor of 10. Assign a new material to our plane and connect images to Color and Roughness sockets.



On to the physics part! With plane selected switch to Physics tab in Properties and hit Enable physics for Rigid Body. Next, uncheck Dynamic to prevent plane itself from falling down due to gravity and select Box shape.

Place a few more walls around. Similar to ground, setup a static rigid body as a Box shape. Objects can be freely scaled or rotated.

Now that the static part of scene is in place, create box and cylinder objects. This time, make sure that Dynamic is enabled when setting up rigid body. Set shapes to Box and Cylinder.

Feel free to stack quite a few instances on top of each other. To duplicate objects, use a linked copy (alt + d) to keep mesh data shared.

If we play the scene now, dynamic objects will fall down and collide with static surroundings!

As the last step, let's make a first person camera that we can use to walk around and interact with objects.

Create a shape which will represent the body volume. For simplicity, we use a cube and scale it along a Z axis. In Physics tab, enable rigid body and set Capsule as shape. Since we want to use this object for collision only, click on its camera icon in the Outliner. This way the cube will not get rendered.

Switch to Object data - Armory Traits and create new trait. Choose Bundled Script as Type and select FirstPersonController.

Lastly, select camera, make it a child of body and set it to preferable position.

Hit Play in Viewport and push some objects around!

Get the blend file at GitHub.

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