Tutorial 3 - Animation

This page describes how to animate objects in the scene and setup skinned characters.

Boot up Blender located in Armory SDK and save the blend file. Place a plane object at the grid and change lamp type to spot. Create and connect Sky Texture to Background in world nodes.

Let's start with a cube (that's new!). Add Subdivision Surface and Smooth modifiers to make it look more polished and set color of the material.

We will animate the cube on timeline. Select frame 0 on the timeline and scale cube down to (0.001, 0.001, 0.001). Set Active Keying Set to Scale (alternatively to LocRotScale) and hit Insert keyframes (shortcut I). Next, select frame 60, scale cube back up and Insert keyframes.

Playing the scene now, we are already able to see cube booming up.

Duplicate the cube and select Clear Animation Data by right-clicking on the Animation entry of cloned cube in Outliner. This way we can start clean and record new animation.

Set frame to 0 and Insert keyframes. Next, set frame to 60, rotate cube 90 degrees on the Z axis and Insert keyframes.

By default, Blender will use Bezier interpolation mode. However, we want to achieve a constant, linear rotation of the cube. Switch to Graph Editor space, and select Key - Interpolation Mode - Linear (shortcut T).

Clone one more cube and clear it's animation data. Select frame 0, move cube forward to Y = 2 and Insert keyframes. Select frame 60, move cube back to Y = -2 and Insert keyframes.

And that is it! Play the scene to observe animations in real-time.

Get the blend file at GitHub.

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