Anti-aliasing (AA)

Aliasing has a big impact on the image quality. To fight it, Armory comes pre-equipped with several solutions. Each has varying quality / performance ratio.

Problem: Big degradation of quality because of jagged lines. Solution: anti-aliasing or super sampling.


AA can be completely disabled. Currently, Forward Low render path has no AA enabled by default.


MSAA can be utilized for Forward Low render path, or any custom path that renders directly to framebuffer. MSAA can be enabled by setting Render - Armory Build - Samples per Pixel. Enter a value from 1 (disabled) to 16 (max quality).


The fastest technique, at a cost of blurring some elements. Used in Deferred Low path.

Subpixel Morphological AA

Used in Deferred path.

Temporal AA

Used in Deferred High path. For dynamic scenes, velocity buffer is required for repojection.


Very costly method producing very good results.

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