Substance Painter

This page describes how to use Armory with Substance Painter for 3D texture painting.

Note this topic is handling Armory specifics only and general Substance Painter knowledge is required.

Import your geometry prepared for texture painting into Substance Painter. For this tutorial, we will use the Vela Template.

Once the model is painted, we want to import resulting textures back into Armory. Click File - Export Textures…

Choose a destination for file export and select PBR MetalRough config (or a compatible roughness-metallic model like Sketchfab). Hit Export.

Locate exported textures in specified destination.

In Blender, select painted model and enter material editor. Choose Add - Group - Armory PBR and connect it to the Material Output. Drop exported textures from Substance Painter into material and connect them to the appropriate sockets (base color, occlusion, normal, roughness, metallic..). Eventually, we plan to automate this step using a PBR material importer.

With materials & lighting set and playing the scene, you will be presented with the output similar to the Substance Painter viewport.